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Seasonal Garden Notes from your Nottingham Experts

The team at Outside in Notts are always happy to share our expertise to help you complete those projects yourself.

In our seasonal notes we will bring you whats topical to help you complete the project, but if you would prefer for us to do it for you just call us.

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After a mild wet winter the grass is likely to be in need of some TLC, you may notice that moss has spread into bare patches and colonised the soil surface. This is a great time to deal with the invader.

You may want to cut the grass to keep the lawn looking trim. Don’t be tempted to cut the grass to it’s shortest summer setting, but leave it much longer to reduce any harmful effects from subsequent frosts.

Don't walk on the grass while it is frozen or frosted. Crushing the frozen blades of grass results in a burn that turns brown and the footsteps will be visible for weeks.

For a great looking lawn in 2019, contact Greener Gardens who will be happy to provide a free quotation for all your lawncare needs.

Surface Maintenance

Now is a great time to think about getting the drive or patio in tip top condition.

You can apply apply a biocide treatment to your hard surfaces, this will targets green and black mold, algae and moss on all exterior hard surfaces and gently clean over the coming weeks.

Alternatively for a quick deep clean, why not pressure wash, for best results we recommend a patio wash attachment.

For an easier project, why not treat with the biocide first, leave a few weeks then wash.

If all this sounds daunting, contact Plumtree Window Cleaning or Greener Gardens who will provide a Free quotation.

Greener Gardens
Greener Gardens

Garden Care

Now is a great time to be completing your Spring Clean up.

It’s also time to feed shrubs, trees and roses growing in pots and containers so they can put on strong early growth. Trying to remember to feed every 10 to 14 days is always a bit difficult and that is why many people are switching to slow release plant foods that will gradually feed potted plants for up to six months from the initial spring application.

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